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There may be many reasons why you may be considering a change in career. Perhaps you feel you need a new challenge, you may not be stretched in your current work and want to explore other avenues, or as time goes by you just don’t hold the same passion for your career as you did when you were younger!

Whatever the reason, it is never too late to search out a career that may be more fulfilling for you. With the advent of virtual online learning and the changing nature of the working environment it is increasingly feasible to start educating yourself remotely, face to face, in person, on a full or part time basis to gain the skills required to make the transition towards your new career.

If you are thinking about a career in technology then Croydon Tutorial College (CTC) along with First Technology Transfer Ltd (FTT), our sister company, can help.

In the age of the Internet and of Cloud Computing and of the Internet of Things (IoT) there is a great demand for people with technical skills. Technical skills that include programming are particularly in demand.

For those with an interest in digital electronics, embedded systems device programming is a fascinating area to specialise in. First Technology Transfer Ltd (FTT), our sister company, has run many courses for electrical and electronics engineers needing to brush up and further develop their programming skills.

Network administrators and designers need programming skills as well.

Modern day networks are so large and complex that configuration and administration of the large numbers of devices involved has to be automated. Major network hardware developers such as CISCO are moving in this direction and are developing a DEVNET certification program that requires programming skills in both Linux shell programming# and in Python programming.

For those who have very little programming experience a question arises as to whether they should consider mastering C as their first programming language or whether they should "take a leap into the future" and consider learning Rust as their first programming language.

For aspiring embedded systems developers we have training modules that include Getting Started with C Programming for embedded systems developers and Getting Started with Rust Programming for embedded systems developers.

For aspiring networking systems specialists we have courses that will prepare you to take the Cisco DEVNET certification qualification and then go on to the more advanced specialist DEVNET certifications, including those concerned with network and systems security.

For those with an itch to write complex graphical user interfaces, or high performance computer game or educational animations that run inside a web browser, WebAssembly might be an interesting choice.

Web programming has progressed beyond JavaScript. The new technology on the block is WebAssembly. The term WebAssembly (AKA Wasm) is a low level Assembly like language that can be run inside a web browser. Even though WebAssembly is a language in itself, it was designed so that toolchains for other programing languages could be developed. Using suitable toolchains programs written in languages such as C, C++, Rust can be compiled directly to WebAssembly. This makes it possible for web programmers to write programs in the programming language of their choice and run the resulting compiled code inside a browser.

There are even Web Assembly runtimes for Python which allow Python to be used with WASM.

Included below are just some of the options for consideration where CTC can help. The training and support offered by CTC is more introductory and basic assuming no prior knowledge of the subject matter. Depending on your background experiences and skills more detailed and advanced support is offered through FTT, our sister company.

On completing this course you will have moved well past the beginner stage. You should be able to not only set up your own databases and web servers, but, also start earning good money by applying your newly acquired skills.

If you wish to discuss your particular conundrum or have queries on any of the options outlined here and want more information then please call us and leave a message or send an email

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