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Cisco Netacad Courses

Croydon Tutorial College (CTC) is now part of the Cisco Networking Academy community, specialising in Computer Neworking, Cloud Computing, IoT and Linux Courses.

As a result we will play our part in helping to create a new generation of global problem solvers.

Watch this short 2 minute YouTube video to get an overview of how the cisco net academy project helps in delivering hands on learning with equipment and software to get a real world grounding in valuable technical skills that are in high demand in today's work place.

The certifications and skills attained through the academy program will certainly help in developing career relevant technical skills, thus, making you more valuable to potential employers.

These courses can, also,

  • Enrich the traditional GCSE and A Level Computer Science courses

  • Prepare for professional certifications and qualifications

There are options to study these courses as free self-paced courses (you just need to pay for the exam for certification), alternatively CTC can support you with instructor led training where tuition rates apply.

Successful completion of the courses will earn the student with a CCNA certificate that can be used as part of a job application process. These qualifications serve as a starting point for higher level qualifications that can be taken after further studying and practical work experience. Whilst some of the instructor led courses will be based on teaching materials developed by Cisco, other instructor led courses will be based on teaching materials developed by CTC’s sister company - First Technology Transfer Ltd.

Programming, Computer Neworking, Cloud Computing, IoT and Linux Courses

Cisco Netacad courses cover a broad range of subjects that include programming in various languages such as JavaScript, Python, C and C++ as well as Linux architecture, command line tools and utilities and Bash shell programming and computer networking, IoT and Cloud Computing courses.

Some of these courses can be studied as free standalone courses, or via as instructor led courses. The instructor led courses can be taught formally as distance learning courses, or be taught using a progress coach / tutoring format.

Knowledge of Python and Linux is essential for anyone planning to study for Cisco DevNet certifications which are a key part of Cisco's Network Automation oriented qualification curriculum.

Croydon Tutorial College Cisco Netacad programming and Linux courses provide valuable certifications vailidating a student's skills in these topics, something that is important when applying for jobs.

JavaScript Programming

Python Programming

C and C++ Programming

Linux - System Administration , Command Line Tools and Shell Programming

Computer Networking, Cloud Computing and IoT