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Tutorial Based Training

Tutorial Based Teaching (TBT) is well suited to the delivery of cost-effective intensive distance learning. It is modeled on the Oxbridge "Tutorial System" in which undergraduates prepare work for their tutor with whom it is then discussed and analysed.

The Croydon Tutorial College has developed a more highly structured and goal- oriented TBT. Avoiding numerous PowerPoint presentations and You-Tube videos, the tutor makes use of "best of breed" textbooks and teaching resources and supplements these with extra notes and examples.

No two students are the same

By creating a structured program of study and assignments, the tutor takes into account the fact that no two students are identical and therefore provides tailored teaching modules to either "fill in gaps" or "to help overcome difficulties in the mastery of new concepts". Tutoring is delivered via distance learning (Zoom or Skype), or face to face at the College. The TBT tutor can be compared to a "fitness instructor” whose role is to structure, encourage and motivate, helping a student to master a given subject. The pace of teaching is adapted to the individual student and spread out over a number of weeks. This helps to avoid "information overload" and allows one set of topics to be mastered before moving on to the next one.

Student profile

The Croydon Tutorial College offers Tutorial Based Teaching to both regular school and college students, undergraduates, as well as mature students preparing for certifications exams such as the Cisco or Microsoft exams. The TBT approach suits the needs of a particular type of student including some used to professional instructor led training courses. Much of the onus is on the student. Rather than sitting through lengthy presentations or viewing lengthy series of You-Tube videos, students are given materials and resources to study from, together with assignments to complete where necessary. TBT teaching is for “serious” students. They are expected to commit to a block of six to ten weeks (depending on the course) and to attend tutorials once a week at an agreed time.

For GCSE and A Level Course student, the TBT approach involves one to three hours a week tutoring, depending on the needs of the student and the exam deadline. Mature students preparing for certification exams may also be experiencing particular needs. Cisco, in its new CCNA exam, has incorporated a whole set of exam topics previously taken separately. For students having difficulties with certain parts of the CCNA syllabus, a more cost-effective approach might be to invest in Tutor Based Training that focuses on the specific areas of difficulty. Currently our policy for those seeking tutor-based training is to provide this in 6 to 10-hour blocks

For GCSE the fees are set at £40.00 per hour
For A Level the fees are set at £50.00 per hour
For Adult professional training the fees are set at £80.00 per hour.
We can provide "small group tuition" (maximum 4 individuals). Please contact us to discuss the hourly rate..

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