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Distance Learning Courses

Our GCSE distance learning courses include

Our A Level distance learning courses include

These courses are based on traditional written materials and submission of regular homework assignments for tutor marking. Help is via email and, in exceptional circumstances via telephone. Supplementary one on one tutoring is available at the College. The courses are designed to be worked on over a 36 week period. They are structured as three 12 week blocks.

For students studying A Level science but who are not doing A Level Maths we can provide tutor face to face as well as distance learning support in coping with the maths required for e.g. data analysis and interpretation questions. In a similar vein we can provide help for Undergraduates doing science subjects such as biochemistry, biology or botany, for example, who are having difficulties with the maths, or who are having difficulties with tools such as Python's numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib, or the R statistical software. Similarly we can provide help with students who are struggling with Matlab and Simulink, or the open source equivalents Octave and Scilab.

A Level Maths and A Level Computer Science by Distance Learning

In response to inquiries from students we have developed a distance learning program that combines A Level Maths with A Level Computer Science which can be completed in 12 to 24 months of study. The program is centred around the CIE (Cambridge International Examination board) syllabi in A Level maths and A Level computer science.

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