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Computer Programming for the Blind

Croydon Tutorial College is developing computer science and computer programming courses oriented towards the needs and aspirations of blind and severely visually impaired students wishing to pursue a career / vocation in computing and IT. Our ambition is to become the place to come to learn programming if you are blind.

As part of this initiative we have developed affordable 5 day intensive introductory and intermediate Python and C Sharp (C#) programming courses. We are also working on developing a range of courses starting from junior and primary school classes and study clubs through to GCSE and A Level computer science courses.

We are also, together with First Technology Transfer (FTT), with whom we have a close working relationship which is working on adapting its professional programming courses so that they can be taught to aspiring blind programmers.

Starting in January 2020 Croydon Tutorial College will be running (on demand) 1 week intensive 5 day programming courses designed to get blind programming students coding in Python and in C#. The level of the courses will be of a standard suitable for students planning to take GCSE Computer Science and also for blind professionals wishing to make a start in mastering the art of computer programming.

There are four courses currently available

The dureation of each course will be 5 days and the course fees are £750.00 per course. The courses will be held at our offices at Weatherill House Croydon.

Technologies Used in our courses for blind programmers

The Python and C# programming courses are designed for programmers working in the Microsoft Windows environment. The screen reader used in these courses will be NVDA. The approach used will be to start editing code in the Notepad++ text editor and the programs developed will be executed in a command line oriented terminal. Students will be expected to have some familiarity with NVDA, editing text documents and navigating around the Windows file system.

For those who do not have this experience we can provide an introductory course that introduces students to PCs (Personal Computers) running Microsoft Windows 10, how to work with such Windows PCs using a screen reader and a brailler as well as introducing the essential concepts of the architecture of computers and operating systems. This introductory course will also cover such things as working with the internet and being able to send and read emails, browse the internet and make best use of accessibility features available in Windows 10.

The Python and C# courses also introduce blind and severely visually impaired students to working with Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Visual Studio and to Microsoft's newly developed CodeTalk technology.

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