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A Level Physics

A Level Physics is a subject that should, really, be taken together with A Level Maths. This is because the Maths content of A Level Physics is substantial and the mechanics and statistics sections covered in the new A Level Maths syllabus have a strong synergy with many parts of the A Level Physics syllabus, and, without a reasonable understanding of the core A Level Maths syllabus most students would struggle with A Level Physics. A Level Physics is a tough A Level and success can sometimes depend on having an inspirational teacher or tutor who is passionate about physics.

A Level Physics places considerable emphasis on practical experimental work. If needed tuition can include practical work and practice for the practical exams. However, because of overheads the fees for practical work oriented tutorial sessions will be higher than for straight teaching sessions. For those seeking a high grade in Physics taking a course of study equivalent to that preparing for the Oxford PAT examination is recommended, even if they will not be sitting the Oxford entrance exam. It should be obvious that good marks in the Oxford PAT examination will be highly regarded by other universities.

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