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A Level Further Maths

A level Further Mathematics extends and further develops the study of Mathematics at A Level. The syllabus consists of a mandatory part (accounts for 50% of the marks) and the remaining half involve selecting from a number of options such as statistics, decision/discrete maths, mechanics and additional pure maths.

Studying A level Further Mathematics provides a very good foundation for those planning to study maths at university, or university courses having an advanced mathermatical content such as Physics, Computer Science and Engineering.

The study of A Level Further Maths can help make the transition from A Level Maths to Undergraduate Maths more straightforward.

The maths, computer science and engineering deparments of many Russell Group Universities require A Level Further Maths as an entry qualification.

It is perfectly possible for really able students to study A Level Maths, A Level Physics, A Level Further Maths and A Level Computer Science when considering applying for places to study Computer Science at universities with outstanding Computer Science Departments such as UCL, Imperial College London, Oxford and Cambridge.

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