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Oxford Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)

The Physics Aptitude Test (or PAT for short) is an admissions test used by the University of Oxford for students in Year 13 who wish to study Physics or Engineering.

A good performance in the PAT, apart from securing an interview, considerably increases the chance of the being offered a place at Oxford. The PAT test is an important part of the application process and should be taken seriously. Preparation for the test should not be put off till the last minute. Extra practice can make a great deal of difference to the final score, and the amount of practice required is around 40 hours or more. Universities such as Oxford want to make sure that students offered a place will survive the "intellectual rigours" of studying for a degree at Oxford.

The Oxford interview looks for traits in candidates that go beyond simply being a "good A Level student". The interview process is designed to probe for interests and goals. Hence a good applicant will have read beyond the confines of the A Level syllabus and, should be able to demonstrate something extra be it hobbies related to physics or engineering or a passion for e.g. robotics, astronomy, programming or amateur radio that they have pursued outside of school hours.

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