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As students across the world start getting used to studying from home (especially in this Covid-19 climate) and making use of online support to further their A Level studies, we are aware that many pupils also view this as an opportunity to enhance their current skills and perhaps take on an additional A level to increase their prospects of university entry and future careers.

You may be on a gap year and the current crisis have thwarted your plans, you may simply want to enhance the grades you already have or wish to gain an extra A level.

If you are also considering a career in Computer Science but do not have A Level Computer Science (perhaps because your school does not offer this option) then Croydon Tutorial College can help by providing an intensive tutoring service that should allow hard working and able students to take the CIE Computer Science A Level in November 2020 or June 2021 if they are well motivated and prepared to put in a lot of work.

The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Computer Science A Level has a well-deserved reputation for testing "academic excellence" in Computer Science. It differs from other A Levels in that instead of having to undertake a submitted practical project the student is presented with a project scenario and an associated exam paper that tests their coding ability and understanding of the project. In some ways this is harder than carrying out and submitting a practical project. To do well in that paper requires, essentially, developing the project as specified and understanding the various design options and algorithms relevant to the project.

As part of the course students will undertake guided work and programming assignments that they will submit to their tutor. This will also involve answering past paper exam questions as well as exam questions developed in house.

Students are expected to take part in 2 hours of tutorial sessions each week (on average) and to spend about 20 hours a week working through set assignments including programming assignments. The standard programming languages in the syllabus are Visual Basic (console mode) and Python. For the 2021 examination there is also the option of using Java.

We would recommend Python as the programming language of choice. However we can teach the syllabus using Visual Basic and Java, should a student prefer one of these languages.

For distance tutoring we can use technology such as Skype and Zoom, which are free and easy to install, to run interactive online tutorials. Our online training solutions are available literally whenever and wherever you want them. You can study at your own leisure at the times that are suitable for you. We have successfully tutored students in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, providing Skype and Zoom are available in these countries and work well.

If you want to discuss this in more detail please call us (leave a message if we are busy) or send an email

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