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Trying for a Place at Medical School

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Based on tutoring students applying for places at Medical Engineering, Medical School entrance, including those taking resits we have developed teaching modules aimed at students planning to take entrance exams for european medical schools such as the Charles University Medical School, as well as for students resiting A Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to improve their grades. Courses can be delivered at evenings and/or weekends, or as an intensive series of 5 day courses preparing for European Medical School entrance exams. For students planning to sit entrance exams for European medical school exams in May/June 2020 teaching can be scheduled on a demand driven basis.

Course Formats and Prerequisites

The one week (5 day) bootcamp style courses will be made up of three 2 and a half hour sessions per day

  • Physics and Maths (9.00 am to 12.30 am)
  • Chemistry (1.30 to 4.00 pm)
  • Biology (4.30 pm to 7 pm)

The weekend bootcamp style courses will be made up of one 2.5 hour session from 4pm to 6.30 pm on Friday and two 2.5 hour sessions 9.30am to 12am and 1pm to 3.30pm on Saturday.
Students should have studied Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology up to about the level of three grade C's at A Level.
If required courses can be followed up with an intensive coaching program involving regular assignments to work and practice exams.
The course director for these courses will be Dr. Andrew Eliasz (PhD, FRCPath, FRSM) who has many years experience working in technical sectors as well as teaching and tutoring in A Level Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Andrew Eliasz has qualifications in Biochemistry, Spectroscopy and Clinical Chemistry and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathology.

Coaching for UCAT and BMAT style examinations

Our intensive coaching program involves regular assignments of work and taking of practice exams in the various sections of the UCAT and BMAT style examinations, namely

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Decision making
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

Our approach is unique in that involves teaching students how to "deconstruct" the papers and understand the "psychometric testing strategies" underlying these tests, and then building up practical cognitive skills based on structured practice based coaching.
In connection with Situational Judgement questions preparation will involve understanding and analysing the "social", "ethical" and "professional" aspects of prioritising and ordering various options and teaching techniques for "rapidly deconstructing" the questions and transforming them into seeing the "what are they really looking for" underpinnings of the question and its associated scenario. Our teaching approach will include covering aspects of "soft systems analysis", "conceptual modeling", as well as "the anatomy and art of judgement".
For the BMAT Section 3 paper, which is the "Writing Task" paper we run modules aimed at "broadening general knowledge" and developing "discussion style short essay writing" coupled with teaching logic oriented "discourse and argumentation" skills, and rapid "short essay architecting" strategies. The underlying purpose of the writing task training is to instil confidence and develop an ability to write an essay that will "score well".


The fees for a single weekend bootcamp session will be £650.00, and the entire syllabus will be covered over three weekend bootcamp sessions.
The fee for a one week intensive course session will be £1900.00

Follow up

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