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"Four A Levels in Four Terms"

Till recently Croydon Tutorial College (CTC) has been teaching using the classical one on one tutoring model.

To cater for students that have had a very disrupted first year in the 6th form and who are aiming to study physics, engineering or computer science we are planning to run an intensive 4 A Levels in 4 terms course covering PureMaths , Further Maths , Physics and Computer Science . Many Russell Group universities require Further Maths at A Level because they feel that the standard Pure Maths syllabus does not prepare students sufficiently for the “rigours” of their courses.

Our aim is to teach the course in a cross-curricular fashion where the various topics both enrich and complement one another. For example, when teaching Physics building and running maths based simulations and working with Computer Game Physics Engines can illuminate concepts that would otherwise be little more than memorising and rote learning.

The curriculum plans will synchronise the various topics and modify the order in which subjects are covered in the set books recommended by the examining boards.

Additionally preparation for STEP and PAT exams will be in integral part of the teaching program which will aim to “stretch” the analytical and problem solving skills of our students.

The Examining Board for the first running of these courses will be Cambridge International. This is because the course is designed to also support non UK students as well as UK Students being “home educated”.

A key strategy element followed here will be to “meld” these two subjects together so that A Level Further Maths will be taught as “an extension / further development” to A Level Maths. Additionally, Maths teaching will be “enriched” by (selectively) using Python tools such as Matplotlib, Numpy and Pandas, selected parts of the SageMath toolkit as well as selected parts of the Python Physics Engines pyGame and pyODE (Py Open Dynamics Engine).

Courses are planned to run from May 2021 to April 2022.

Lessons will fit in with the normal school term times with 5 hours of lessons per subject each week. Additionally, there will be regular marked homework assignments and tests.

Students will have to make arrangements with their local schools and colleges to sit their exams.

Because of the ongoing pandemic courses will initially be delivered using Zoom. Additionally, each pupil will have a one hour one on one tutorial session each week of term to deal with particular questions and issues they might have with the subjects they are studying.

If the Covid-19 crisis recovery takes place during 2021 then we will deliver lessons via a combination of virtual online and classroom (as appropriate) at our offices located at Weatherill House in Croydon, London.

Extra tutorials can be arranged on demand.

Class size will be limited to a maximum of 6 students.

Extra tutorials can be arranged on demand.

For those students applying to Universities that have an A Level Further Maths , requirement they may also wish to register for our A Level Further Maths course.

Class size will be limited to a maximum of 6 students.

For more information on how we can support you along with the exact timetable and tuition rates please call us and leave a message or send an email.

Enquiries line: 07739 642996
Send an email to andrew dot eliasz at or to awe at croydontutorialcollege dot education
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