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A Level Maths

There is a lot that has changed as regards the new A Level Maths syllabus. The key features of the reformed A Level Maths syllabus are summarised nicely on the "Underground Mathematics" web site. The key points are the following :

For A level mathematics from September 2017 onwards

  • Linear exams will be the new norm. The A level will be taken at the end of two years, and, AS will no longer count towards the A level.
  • Whatever the examining board it must follow the Department for Education specifications
  • The overarching themes will be “Argument, language and proof”, “Problem solving” and “Modelling” and will be examined.
  • The compulsory content will include both mechanics and statistics
  • Technology based tools will be a key part of the syllabus with graphing software and spreadsheets being used throughout the course.

That is a lot of material to cover. UndergroundMathematics have produced a map of the core part of the syllabus along the lines of an underground map

For A Level Further Maths all students will have to study the Pure Core and at least two of the optional areas. From the tutoring point of view the choice of optional areas will be important and may depend on the choice of degree and choice of University the student wishes to study at. Some "settling in" of the syllabus is to be anticipated, and it will be more important than ever not to leave preparation and tuition till the last minute.

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