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A Level Maths and A Level Computer Science Distance Learning Program

A Level Computer Science was in the vanguard of the movement to develop more demanding A Level courses and exams. It was designed to replace the less academic IT and Computing type A Level Courses. Studying Computer Science at A Level means that it is possible to consider A Level combinations such as Maths, Physics and Computer Science, or,or, Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science, or, for the more ambitious, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science, Such combinations may be attractive for home educated students who need to obtain relevant A Levels to apply for University Computer Science, Physics, Electronics or Engineering courses. to The skills learned in studying A Level Computer Science can prove very advantageous when doing engineering or physics degree courses as these involve extensive use of computer programs such as Matlab and Simulink for modeling, signal and image processing and mathematical problem solving. Another consideration is that computer programming skills learned at this level can be used to earn money as a software programmer e.g. during holidays, or part time in the evenings. If required these course can be supplemented with practical courses in web design and web application development using e.g. PHP, Ruby or Java.

A Level Computer Science places considerable emphasis on designing and implementing software, and tuition sessions can readily incorporate programming elements. Programming languages that we can support include Python, Java, Ruby, C, C# and C++, as well as JavaScript and PHP for web application development.

As well as providing face to face tuition Croydon Tutorial College provides distance learning courses for the CIE board. These distance learning courses can also be used to prepare for exams run by other boards such as e.g. Edexcel or OCR. When taking exams for those boards there is a computer science practical project that needs to be submitted and assessed, and students will need to make their own arrangements for submitting such projects and having them assessed.

The combined A Level Maths and A Level Computer Science distance learning program is an intensive program designed to be studied over a 12 month period. The cost of this program which will include tutor support and marked assignments is £1350.00 plus VAT. It can, of course, be studied over a 24 month period which would be the recommended route for home educated students aged 16 to 18. In this case the fees will be £950.00 plus VAT per annum. The 12 month program is really aimed at more mature students who are planning to embark on a degree course, or to prepare for a course of study leading to the BCS (British Computer Society) Graduate Diploma in IT (which is equivalent to a BSc in Computer Science) and can serve as an entry point to postgraduate courses at Masters and PhD level.

Croydon Tutorial College is developing a distance learning program for the BCS Certificate, Diploma and Graduate Diploma in IT qualifications.

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