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Python and Cisco Certifications

Network automation is essential these days in the current era huge complex networks . Cisco, like other network systems manufacturers is moving more and more towards automation in the provisioning and configuration of network systems and services. Modern Cisco hardware runs Linux derived operating systems and makes extensive use of Python scripting approaches for automation of configuration and administration of large numbers of network devices and the various services they provide.

The Cisco Netacad Python sponsored courses are not confined to working with Cisco systems. These courses from the Python Institute lead to widely recognised certifications.

Ultimately they lay the foundations for the use of Python for Machine Learning and Data Analytics applications.

These courses can be studied either as free self study or paid instructor led, or paid progress coach oriented courses.

PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python

This course consists of two parts, PE1, and PE2 and provides,

  • Certificates of completion for each part

  • Preparation for the following Python Institute certifications

    • PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification

    • PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming Certification.

The follow on Python certification is the PCPP1 certification preparation for which requires studying of 5 modules covering

  • Advanced OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

  • Python Best Practices and Standardization

  • Python GUI Programming using Python TkInter

  • Python Advanced Network Programming

  • Python File Processing and Communicating with a Program's Environment

These courses can be studied for free, however Croydon Tutorial College can provide both Instructor led teaching and Progress Coaching support for those studying the PCPP1 certification.

The next certification (not yet available) is the PCPP2 certification which includes the following topics :

  • Unit testing principles and techniques using the unittest and pytest frameworks

  • OOP design patterns in Python, such as Singleton, Factory, Facade, Proxy, Observer, Command, Template Method, and State Design patterns)

  • Interprocess communication (multiprocessing, threading, subprocess management, multiprocess synchronization)

  • Network programming (Python socket module and socket programming, automating complex network configurations, software-defined networking, network security),

  • Python-SQL and Python-NoSQL database access (relational and non-relational databases, CRUD, object-relational mapping: ORM)

  • Principles of clean code design, and maintenance and optimization of software products.

However, Croydon Tutorial College can provide paid for training modules covering these topics, either instructor led, or progress coach oriented.

The Microsoft DP-100 Certification - Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure, and AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification require a knowledge and understanding of Python and R. Free self-study material for these courses has been developed by Microsoft.

CTC can provide progress coaching for those preparing to take the DP-100 or AI-900 certifications which will provide a sound introduction to the essentials of pandas, numpy and matplotlib, python packages that are widely used in data analytics.