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Career Switch to C and C++ Programming

Much low level and operating systems code is written in C and to some extent in C++. Over the years First Technology Transfer Ltd (FTT – our sister company) has run courses for electrical and electronic engineers who have come to the conclusion that they need to add embedded system programming skills to their repertoire of skills. Another area where C++ is widely used is in the implementation of computer games, and learning C++ could provide an entry point into this interesting area of specialisation. Another area where C and C++ are widely used is in the development of Internet of Things sensor and monitoring devices, and in robotics.

Here at Croydon Tutorial College we are developing a series of tutorial led training courses that can satisfy this need. These courses are modular and tailorable and students can "jump in" at an appropriate skill level. For example, for students with relatively little programming experience we have courses based on the use of C and C++ as starting programming languages based around the use of Arduino boards and the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

This is not as outlandish idea as some might think, but students are expected to have a certain level of maturity and be willing to think hard and work hard. Further more advanced courses could cover specialised areas such as:

  • Embedded TCP/IP and power over Ethernet
  • Bootloaders and secure bootloaders
  • Unit testing and TDD (Test Driven Development) for embedded systems
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Programming using real time operating systems such as FreeRTOS, mbed OS and Zephyr RTOS.
  • USB both device, Host and OTG (On the Go), Ethernet over TCP/IP and USB over Ethernet
  • IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and gadgets
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • CAN bus and LIN bus and embedded automotive applications