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BCS Level 6 Professional Graduate Diploma in IT

This diploma is at the level of a final year Computer Science IT Course.

To obtain this diploma it is necessary to

  • Select four modules from the available set of modules and pass the corresponding exam for each module.

  • Successfully complete a professional IT project

The modules to choose from include :

  • Advanced database management systems

  • Management information systems

  • Software engineering (part 2)

  • Computer services management

  • Network information systems

  • Programming paradigms

  • System design methods

  • Web engineering syllabus

  • IT and the environment syllabus

The BCS Recommended Books for the Level 6 Modules provide some starter reference books for students. These will need to be supplemented with other books as well as technical reference papers and review articles.

The modules taken should be approached as advanced study subjects. For some of the modules there are highly relevant MOOC courses as well as advanced tutorials and examples to be found on the internet. A wise and fortunate student should select modules that mesh in well with their current job and projected career path.

Our approach is based on a mixture of self-study and instructor / tutor based learning and progress coaching. as outlined in the BCS HEQ Level 6 course modules.

The role of a progress coach when studying the various modules will be essential. It will also be very useful to join relevant BCS specialist groups where such exist.

A vital part of study and preparation will be the regular preparation of essays and practice answers to past paper questions. At this level the ability to put together well structured and well thought answers under exam conditions is crucial.