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BCS Level 5 Diploma in IT

This level is equivalent to the second year of a computer science IT degree course.

It has a mandatory module - Professional Issues in IS Practice

Then there is a fairly wide selection of modules from which three modules are to be selected.

The modules to choose from include:

  • Big data management

  • Computer networks syllabus

  • Database systems syllabus

  • IT project management syllabus

  • Object oriented programming systems

  • Principles of internet technologies

  • Smart systems

  • Software engineering (part 1)

  • Systems analysis and design

  • User experience

  • Web application development

A good student should select the modules they wish to study with an eye to their future career plans, or the IT roles they are involved in at their workplace.

Students seeking a broader understanding should, probably, aim to choose 4 to 5 modules to study, even if only planning to take exams in 3 modules. (It is always a good idea not to attempt too many exams at once).

The BCS Recommended Books for the Level 5 Modules provide some starter reference books for students. These will need to be supplemented with other books as well as technical reference papers and review articles.

Additionally students will need to set up practical, experiential systems, to master the various tools and technologies that need to be mastered.

For some of the modules there are excellent MOOC teaching materials available as well as high quality tutorial articles and example on the internet.

In order of increasing costs exam preparation approaches are

  • Self study using the recommended BCS books and various free self study course available via the internet, as well as Coursera and EdX courses (which are relatively inexpensive but provide little in the way of personal help and support)

  • A mixture of self-study and instructor / tutor based learning and progress coaching such as that outlined in the BCS HEQ Level 5 course modules.

The role of a tutor / progress coach will be to guide, discuss, motivate as well as grade essays and practice exam answers and propose practical project oriented work, that will supplement work based experience.