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The BCS Level 4 Certificate in IT

Level 4 is equivalent to roughly a first year university level Computer Science course in IT.

The BCS Certificate in IT has 3 parts, each with a corresponding exam (which must be passed to earn the certification).

  • Information Systems - which has 3 sections

    • Data Management

    • Systems Analysis and Design

    • Organisations

  • Software Development - which has 7 sections

    • Fundamental concepts of the programming process

    • Phase Specific Issues of Software Development

    • Introduction to Programming Concepts

    • Files

    • Intro to concept of user interface design

    • Role and need for system software

    • Case studies in problem solving/algorithm analysis

  • Computer and Network Technology - which has 4 sections

    • Fundamentals

    • Processor Architecture

    • Introduction to operating systems and system software

    • Networks

When preparing for these courses there is a wide range of free training and learning resources available for those wishing to study privately.

In order of increasing costs exam preparation approaches are

  • Self study using the recommended BCS books and various free self study course available via the internet, as well as Coursera and EdX courses (which are relatively inexpensive but provide little in the way of personal help and support)

  • A mixture of self-study and instructor / tutor based learning and progress coaching such as that provided by Croydon Tutorial College BCS HEQ Level 4 course modules.