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Croydon Tutorial College and Covid-19

In the light of the recent health crisis and the closure of schools many of you (both students and parents) are, very likely, working from home and doing your part to slow the rate of spread of COVID-19 infections.

With the crisis situation changing so rapidly we just wanted to let you know the actions that we are taking at Croydon Tutorial College to ensure that our students are safe at all times. The well-being of our students is our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's why we are temporarily replacing all classroom-based courses with virtual/online and distance learning courses where possible.

Although we have been delivering our courses via virtual/online and distance learning options for many years now it has never been more important and critical then at this time where our students require additional help with homework, revision or project support. Our support is aimed at those preparing for exams and aspiring to maximise their exam performance. It is, therefore, based on traditional approaches which involve setting reading work and assignments. Assignments are marked and, as necessary supplementary assignments and work are sent.

One on one tutorial sessions provide an opportunity to interactively explore difficulties and problems to do with conceptual understanding.

Exams such as GCSE and A Level also involve an element of gaming. This simply means spotting the "games examiners are playing", quickly assessing what any given questions are testing or examining, and developing a collection of short cut pattern recognition and rapid question answering strategy development. Such skills come from "intelligent" practice and "focused" revision.

From the point of view of interview and university application we also aim to extend and enrich the syllabus by including examples and study assignments that go beyond the "narrow confines" of the syllabus.

We can use technology such as Skype and Zoom, which are free and easy to install, to run interactive online tutorials. Our online training solutions are available literally whenever and wherever you want them. You can study at your own leisure at the times that are suitable for you. We have successfully tutored students in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, providing Skype and Zoom are available in these countries and work well.

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